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Welcome to The Losing Side!

A community for losers

The Losing Side
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This community is for those who are about to start, are in the middle or at the end of dieting. Use this space to swap tips, show your before and after pictures, meal plans or even just to rant and rave. We're here to offer mutual support through those hard times and also to congratulate you when the pounds start coming off.

Your posts do not have to be diet related - the aim here is to create a friendly atmosphere where members feel they can trust each other to reveal how they really feel. On the other hand, this is a weight loss community and it would be nice not to drift too far from the topic!

Please be polite to each other - nastiness will not be tolerated. Anonymous comments will be screened and IP addresses logged. Any member found abusing their position of trust will be banned from the community and laughed at.

This community is moderated by behindthefool - if you need to contact me for any reason please email behindthefool@livejournal.com and be sure to have "The Losing Side" as your subject line. If you have any suggestions of anything I have left out of the interests list (within reason!) then it would be great to hear from you. If anyone would like to create a layout (bearing in mind it hasn't got a paid membership) then let me know. I may not use it so please do not be offended if I don't. Even better - if you wish to pay for an account for this community contact me immediately!!

Thanks for joining this community and being part of something special. If you feel comfortable with it, we would love you to introduce yourself and talk a little bit about why you want to lose weight and how you feel you've come to the weight you are now. Feel free to check the memories to catch up on past introductions and see how honest we all feel we're able to be. It also gives you the opportunity to learn a bit about the new friends you will undoubtedly make here.

Good luck on your diets and take pleasure in it being the only time in your life that you're proud to be a loser. Welcome to The Losing Side!